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Dreamer's Melody: Global Music Awards Winner

Dreamer's Melody is a song that is very personal to me.  I started to write it in a coffee house where a friend of mine was performing.  It is about writing and performing in the coffee houses of Long Beach, California.  The song just won a bronze metal in the Global Music Awards.  This is my second win from this organization.  I'm very grateful for all of the wonderful venues in Long Beach where dreamers can express themselves.  

Global Music Award Winner!

Global Music Award Winner 2019

Silver Metal:  lyrics/songwriting, album, emerging artist

Another Once Upon a Time

Another Once Upon a Time has just been released.  Take a listen on Apple Music, Amazon Music and all of the other streaming services.  The CD is a collection of the songs I have been working on over the past few years.  Let me know what you think of it!

New Songs

Another Once Upon a Time is the first of a new collection of songs I've been working on.  I hope to have a new CD completed sometime in the future.  The song is about new hope and new beginnings.  It is available for streaming downloading at all of the usual places.

I Can't Wait!

My brand new EP, I Can't Wait, will be released on September 1, 2014.  This EP contains four very uplifted songs celebrating the presence of God in my life.  This EP features the very talented worship band members from Open Door Ministries in Long Beach, California.  

Songs for a New Dawn Released

Songs for a New Dawn is an EP that has deep personal meaning for me.  The songs are a celebration of my walk with the Lord.  I have only been walking with the Lord for a short time but this walk has had a tremendous influence on my career as a songwriter.  The songs in this EP reveal not only the excitement of this new journey, but the insecurity and doult that I have often felt.  My hope is that you will be uplifted and inspired by the songs in this EP.

Songs for a New Dawn is now available on itunes.  In the next few weeks, I will be performing songs from the EP as well as covers from my favorite Christian songwriters on YouTube.  Feel free to share your experiences regarding your own walk with the Lord on my blog. 


Reach for the Bottom is out!

After a year of preparation, my new EP, Reach for the Bottom, is now available on itunes and Amazon.  This EP contains five songs.  Of the five, three of them were audience favorites that have been re-recorded in my upgraded Protools studio.  The first song features an excellent guitar player named Travis King rocking with me on a song called Cellulite Blues.  The rest of the EP has a bluesy acoustic feel to it.  There is a cover song of the R and B classic, Cry to Me which is done with an arrangement that takes the song in somewhat of a new direction.  The new song of the collection is an emotional one called Songs for Her. 

This EP is all about reaching out and touching the core of who you are. These songs are all personal stories for me but they cover universal themes that all of us can probably relate to.


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